On a gentle slope in rolling hills stood a little house of wood and stone. There were hens and bees and apple trees, bright flowers and green grass. And Nari had a little lamb of her very own.Celebrate sustainability in this luminous picture book, as a little girl turns her sheep's fleece into a cose yellow scarf.As the seasons change, Nari and parents shear her sheep's fleece, and spin and dye the wool. Nari knits the yarn into a cosy yellow scarf.But as Nari grows older, her beloved scarf becomed tattered. It's time to recycle the wool into compost, with a little help from the worms.This lyrical story book will help children understand where clothing comes from, and is a joyful celebration of traditional crafts and sustainable living.

Author: Dawn Casey
Illustrator: Stella Lim (Stila)
Publisher :  Floris Books (23 July 2020, UK / USA)
Purunnamu Publishing (30 Sept 2021, Korea)

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